Wait for a Sale on the 4tuner?

I’ve been following Tablo for sometime now and decided that I would wait until I had everything setup before I made the big investment. I have the roku setup, antenna and pre-amp, and even the networking cable and coaxial cable. I just need to buy the tablo and plug everything in.

Here’s the thing, its May. Most shows are wrapping up and its summer, I probably won’t watch much TV. Should I just wait for a sale? I want to get a 4-tuner. If they offered the deal where it included a 1 TB HD for free, I would buy it. I’d rather not get a refurbished unit.

If you can wait then definitely wait for a sale. Newegg had a sale a few months ago with a free 1 TB HDD. No idea when there will be another sale.

See here:

Thanks, I hope they have that one again. I should wait

I like to play with toys though, I couldn’t wait.

Also you can get it all set up the way you want if you get it earlier.

The sooner you buy, the sooner you stop paying for cable/satellite. I would suspect a 4th of July sale.

Cables cut. I’m just trying to 1. remove switching inputs 2. Record some shows 3. Watch while I’m away from the house. I’ll wait for a sale

I know you said you’d rather not have a refurbished unit but just to let you know I got one and am very happy with it. Came in the regular Tablo box and looks just like a new one, and works perfectly.

For the Refurb, did you pay tax and shipping? Are you in the USA or Canada?

I am in Canada so yes payed regular HST and there was shipping (I think it was $11). So shipping does add a bit to it but still quite a bit cheaper. I couldn’t find any stores that had it in stock locally anyway so the refurb made a lot sense

Amazon.com has a sale on right now: $170 for dual tuner and $270 for quad tuner. That’s $50 off for dual and $30 off for quad.

Put the saving toward an HDD and you’re good.

I bought my 4 Tuner Tablo from Newegg on Thanksgiving weekend for $199 (plus free two day shipping and no tax!). I haven’t seen the price that low since however.


I hate you :stuck_out_tongue: lol I paid $249.99 plus shipping plus HST for my dual tuner.

Ok, I’m about to pull the trigger. $30 bucks is $30 bucks. I probably won’t see a bigger sale until Black Friday (november). Trying to think of the ways to convince the other half why it’s worth spending $350 on this (Tablo+1TB HD + tax).

We’ve cut the cable, the tablo offers 1. not having to switch inputs 2. A guide 3. Recording shows. I hope that’s enough for the other half.

Yea, it was too good to pass up! Glad I got it though, as it is slowly maturing into a great product.

Maybe Tablo saw this post and talked to Amazon. My 4-tuner is on the way. 4-tuner might be more than what I need but I’d rather not run put of tuners if needed. I think a 1TB drive should be enough.

I think the 4 tuner is worth it after having the 2 tuner for just over a week. I have run into multiple recording conflicts and I only have 6 channels!

Ha! Setting up sales (especially with big companies like Amazon) isn’t quite that easy :laughing:

Totally agree…can’t be too rich, too thin, or have too many tuners!!