Voice Sync issues thru FireTV

I have noticed on quite a few shows that there is a significant delay in audio and lip movements. Running thru a Ethernet connected FireTV and the Tablo is connected via Ethernet as well. Anyone else have this concern or problem? I dont see any recent activity about this so started a new thread.

I’ve noticed lip sync issues with over the air TV. My TV has a setting to try to better match audio to video.

Is this affecting every program on every channel? You might connect an antenna to the TV directly to ensure the sync issue isn’t there before going too far down the rabbit hole.

Other than that, all I can report is that some shows are out of sync on my hardwired Tablo/Roku combination. Others are close enough that I don’t notice it.

I have a 4 tuner Tablo ethernet wire to my router. I have 2 Fire TV boxes & 2 Fire sticks all wifi connected to my network. I have had this setup since August 2016. I have not yet experienced any audio/video sync issues.

I realize this is not any help to you, just thought I would share my experience that Fire devices can work.