VLAN Support for Tablo device

I am looking at purchasing an Ubquiti EdgeLite3 router to create two VLAN networks that will separate the IoT devices and private (desktops, NAS, etc) devices on separate networks.
Coming out of the port 1 will be VLAN1 and VLAN2 into a L2 switch. Port 1 will be trunked and ports 2-5 will be VLAN1. I want to know if I purchase a Tablo device, does it support VLAN connectivity?

Networking setup in tablo is rather limited. You don’t even get the option to set a static IP address. I think you should be able to do VLAN tagging on the switch port you’ll be connecting the Tablo to, though…

As I understand it, the Tablo apps (roku for use) don’t work if the Tablo and the device with the app are in different broadcast domains (or in other words, they need to be on the same IP network). You may find that things like the Tablo web app don’t work if your Tablo is on a different network from your desktop. Probably also true of things like the iPad app and Android app unless you enable remote access in your Tablo account. Others will know better as I haven’t tried.