Viewing History and Privacy - Streaming Box Manufacturer

Does anyone know if the companies that own the various streaming boxes that we use have the ability to data mine what we’ve viewed using our Tablo or if there is some sort of firewall built into Tablo apps that would prevent those companies from seeing it? I’m referring to Amazon (Firestick), Google (Chromecast), Apple (Apple TV), Roku, etc?

You mean someone would find value in the fact that I watch the three stooges, the tom and jerry show, and highway patrol?

All they have to do is ask me.


Yep, and if leads to more shows I like power to them.

ROFLMAO - seriously?

some clips:
If you have a Guide Subscription, the Agreement
Then there’s the web site privacy policy - rather generic. Tablo Privacy Policy | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

When a giant corporation provides a service for “free”, that’s as in no out-of-pocket expense. There’s always a price. The surprise is when users discover a device actually listens to what the say or …tracks their activity across a multitude of sources and know more about them than they do.

It goes waaay beyond just know what show you watch. At this point, there’s no way out.

I guess I figured that these corporations are actually competitors and might build safeguards into apps to shield from those competitors. If I’m Google, I want to know all about your YouTube watch history since I own it, I may acknowledge that Amazon knows how much you’re using the YouTube app on their Firestick device, but I (Google) am not letting them (Amazon) know what you watch since they have a studio who produces content and I (Google) would prefer to keep the ‘data mining’ to myself. I’m sure none of us know the complete answer. Just a curiousity. I do feel more comfortable using a streamer that isn’t so invested in shopping/maps/search/etc.

The guide data service, Gracenote … Nelsion ratings service is a subsidiary - they know. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry – you believe they just sit on your data, regardless how puny you think it may be?
And what none proprietary device do you use to enjoy it’s content?

To look at it in simple linear terms as a means for understanding, I doubt even comes close to what targeted demographic marketing entails. That’s just the bits “they” tell us

It’s not always necessarily what you’re watching, but your habits. They know when you come and go. How much time you spend watching TV, what “seems” to appeal to you in conjunction with search and places you visit and so much more then we can comprehend.

What surprises me is when users discover “These devices actually listen to conversations and what we say?” How else are they going to know when you say wake word?