Videos off of old hard drive

I just replaced my hard drive because the one I was using was giving me a headache. Is there a way I can plug my old one into my Windows PC and remove the videos from it?

Yes there are 3 different utilities floating around to let you do this. None of them are officially supported by Tablo of course.

This is one method:

Second method:

This is the third method:

Thanks! Can you give me a rundown on how to use it?

I downloaded these already but I have no idea how to use it…

Actually, with the new VLC plugin, there are now 3 ways.

And there is also the direct way of using ffmpeg to work from the playlist…

And while I’ve tried to make my program (SurLaTablo) easy to use, obviously it’s not a “download, click, click, click, go” sort of thing.

I may create a video for Windows users just to make it an easier walk through… I guess I could try screen shots… but maybe that won’t be enough.  Btw… creating such documentation is a real pain compared to writing the programs … just saying… I think what I need to do is put up a PayPal button (donations for pain and suffering) :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: I’d donate for your 'pain and suffering’

any help would be great, if you could spare it

While I don’t know any programming, I have taught myself how to do things like hacking my android phone with adb and command prompt. So I can learn this if I just get some help being pointed in the right direction

Check my updated post - all 3 methods are linked. As for how to use them, read the threads, there will be instructions and help there.

Good luck!
Thanks for all that!!!! I'll poke around and see if I can learn me some stuff :)

Also I plugged the hard drive into my pc but it doesn't show in explorer, I'm guessing that's because of the formatting 

Leave it connected to the Tablo  these all 3 work THROUGH and with the Tablo. Yes, different formatting. 

Awesome!! I got it working, Unfortunately I already connected and formatted my new hard drive and it’s causing issues trying to connect back to the old hard drive.

But all videos going forward I can copy over if I want to!!