Very simple, add a cancel button to channel scan

I’m having a glass of precaution right now :tumbler_glass:

I too would like a Cancel Scan button. My antenna is connected to my tablo and I only have Tablo’s option for scanning. Within a few seconds I know if the channels I watch have a good signal, but I have to wait for it scan the other 39 channels that don’t come in & would not watch if they did. I have to rescan multiple times a week and I am very thankful I don’t have to go to the attic as I would be drinking a lot more adult beverages if I had too. Feel for you Kerry!

Any idea why you have to scan multiple times a week? Aren’t you concerned about this, more than stopping a scan in process? As for “repack”, they do not happen that frequently. Indoor antenna isn’t disturbed by the weather. FYI note: when configuring tablo’s channels setup, everyone only has tablo’s option for scanning.

Perhaps you could enjoy a beverage while waiting for the other 39 channels.