Very simple, add a cancel button to channel scan

Sometimes when you make an antenna adjustment and start a scan you realize that the antenna position change is wrong. Why do you have to wait for several minutes for the scan to finish. It takes me 10 seconds to readjust the antenna but it seems like many minutes to wait for the scan to finish… to begin an new scan. I bet your programming team could add a cancel scan button with very very little investment or risk.

Until then use your HDTV channel signal strength / quality to do one time adjustments to your OTA antenna. Much easier.

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It’s already very rare to do a channel scan. Adding anything to the UI is a major investment, since it has to be added to the browser, mobile app, Roku app, Apple app, Android app, etc.

I understand the issue, but I agree with @theuser86. There are other ways to make sure your antenna is in a good spot.

I’ve done it both ways, using Tablo rescan and using an HDTV. The Tablo rescan I can do from up in the attic using my phone but the HDTV requires another person to relay feedback from the HDTV. I suppose I could take an HDTV to the attic but it would be a bit awkward. I also considered the Hauppauge signal monitor since I do have the 950Q but then I need to bring a laptop up in the attic and my laptop battery is near EOL.
All this is currently running around in my head because I plan to go up in the attic this weekend, disconnect my ClearStream 4V and try the yagi that is sitting idle. I had thought the yagi was yielding poor reception but I found out it was my hard drive that was bad. The ClearStream 4V works very well with only occasional pixelation but commerical skip success is around 70% and I want to see if the yagi can work even better. But I am getting off topic…

Sure, here’s a post explaining how he uses chrome’s inspector function to edit the HTML to add (or shorten). record time by a couple of minutes (for conflict resolution)… see how easy it it… I’ve done proof of concept why don’t you implement it. - there is no option. Despite conflict resolution being a frequent topic, you can not skip commericals

There are mechanisms in play beyond the comprehension of end-users.

When I do a channel scan use my laptop on chrome in the top blue bar with tablo logo their is and X on the right side when your doing a scan just press the X and it will cancel the scan and brings you back to settings and you can start a new scan again.

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I’m using Firefox, but clicking that X doesn’t cancel the scan for me.
It just closes that window.
Going back to channel scan screen shows the scan continuing.
Even disconnecting from the Tablo, and reconnecting doesn’t stop the scan.

I tried it on my Samsung android phone same result as your’s it didn’t cancel it, keep scanning even clicking the X on top. Did try it on my Roku TV rescan then click the back buttom and it did cancel the scan guest it only works in certain device.

Hi Snowcat. I am spending literally hours trying to get a weak channel to come in and trying different combinations of different antennas, amps and combiners plus different angles of the antennas. I’ve probably done 200 channel scans this month. If you did that, I bet you would want a cancel button too.
And having worked in programming I can tell you that adding one button that cancels a process is not a big deal.
I have a computer near the Tablo and I have a large HDTV downstairs. Maybe someday I will buy a signal strength device but it would still be nice to have a SIMPLE cancel button.

Not a big deal to add one button… but not having working in programming, I didn’t make it cancel a process - Not knowing the technical specifications, really, not big deal. Engineering techs might, or laugh about it.

I’ve used 4 different antennas - including direct connect to TV, multiple tablo’s, hdhomerun into plex, hdhomerun networked, different power injectors and splitters over 5 years. New sub-channels appearing. Repack. And I don’t think I’ve reached the 200 channel rescan figure.

Maybe you have a clue :wink:
…unless you just stopped counting or they have a setup which requires precision alignment.

You mean the ATSC 1.0 OTA Gods broadcasting from Mt. Olympus are not hearing the pleas for high signal quality?

I’ve got 10 bucks and an adult beverage for anyone (of age) who will go up in my attic and hook up my yagi. I will run the tablo rescans from the comfort of (not the attic) as I sip other adult beverages

How’bout I give you $11 to let me run the tablo while you go to the attic chuging beverages and adjust yagi. :good_idea: :upside_down_face:

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I’m amazed how many responses came in on this. You guys need to go watch TV more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I watch TV via a PC, so it’s just click here’n there 'tween shows… yea, I have a sad, boring life. :cat: I do take precautions to avoid becoming a crazy cat guy :cat2:

Maybe I missed something here, but I just tried a channel scan on the Tablo Preview app on my Fire TV and when it seemed “stuck” I just hit the back button on the Amazon remote and it backed me out of the scan. I did not try to restart it, but I went back to watching a channel just fine.

Tablo Preview and Roku back arrow and rescan seem to work properly.

how many time you up to now?