Very frustrated with inability to record extended live events

Hello: I am trying to record the World Series and cannot get the thing to stop cutting out after the scheduled time, hence losing the end of the game. I checked the extended option and it still does the same thing.

Tablo has so many bugs to work through. I do not believe there is even a manual way to record a show without it cutting out, especially a World Series game. I am thinking of scrapping Tablo in favor of TiVo. They, I’m sure, don’t have this same problem. It’s disgusting that the engineers at Tablo can’t get this working.

Works fine for me, but you could just schedule a manual recording and record to your hearts content. But from your comment it is probably better to just get the TiVo. I have heard the TiVo is a modern polished product and has NO problems. Good Luck with that.

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Hey mate, I think the extended option doesn’t hold on to the tuner if it is needed for other shows scheduled after it. I’m so glad I bought the Tablo-4 - I never have to deal with conflicts or this sort.

Another thought might be the time for the game is incorrect. Is the guide information right?

Having used DVRs of various sorts (including Tivos) for years, I learned a long time ago to ALWAYS record the program(s) immediately following a live event. Do this and your problem goes away.

I do this even when I want to record something following a live event. For example, SWMBO and I like the CBS Sunday night dramas. Well, CBS frequently has a football game, final round of a PGA tournament, etc., late Sunday afternoon, which will invariable push the start times of programs back by 1/2 hour or so. I just go ahead and record the 11PM news on my local CBS station as well as the programs we watch. I get the end of the programs pretty much every time.


I agree. I did this to the first World Series Game. However, the menu then shows the second part of the live event as, say, the local news instead of being that event. I liked the older DVD recorders because, like VCRs, you could set time schedules and didn’t go through this stuff. I guess the next step in all this is is making an updated system that automatically determines when to mark the program, as well as allow it to record in extended mode. Tablo surely hasn’t done this yet.

It shows the second part as whatever the guide shows it as. Since the source guide data isn’t updated real time (and isn’t on any system I’m aware of) it has no way of knowing the live event has extended past the scheduled time and that can’t be assumed. TiVo does exactly the same thing.

The Tablo does support that through the manual recording feature. You can set any begin and end time you wish.

How exactly do I access that option that allows me to manual record my shows between certain times? I know that I won’t have the fancy icons once I do that, however, but at least there won’t be a break in the World Series.

Manual recordings will certainly do the trick as a work around, but there is one thing to keep in mind with the extend feature.

The extended portion of an airing (let’s say a game goes into an hour of overtime) can be pre-empted by regularly scheduled shows. If you run out of tuners, and the game is going into overtime at 10PM, but you normally record a Late show at this time - the extended portion of the game won’t be recorded, and the tuner will be re-allocated to record its regularly scheduled programming.

Thank guys. You have to go with the “recordings” option and then hit the + button on the top of the screen. I was able to record non-stop and I am happy now. Thanks again! Steve