Ver. 2.2.10 tuner assignment issue

When a new recording is scheduled to begin, 2.2.10 seems to “assign” a tuner without checking to see if that tuner is already in use. This produces an error message and halts the currently executing task. Hope this is a fixable “bug”. Thanks.

Don’t recordings take precedence though? I thought this was by design. Or is it consuming a tuner when there are free and available ones that it could have taken? Since tuners do more than “tune”… maybe all tuner were in use even though it wasn’t obvious (?)

I’m not sure what “tuners” would do beside record and playback – my Tablo has 4 tuners. This issue has hapened on separate occasions, while watching live TV on 1 tuner, with no other playback or recordings in progress, at the time for a new recording to begin, the live channel was “bumped” with the tuner assigned error message. So, yes, there were free and available tuners, but the one in use tuner was selected to do the recording. Older version did not have this problem. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for your feedback.

Was anyone watching remotely? Live or pre-recorded? How many viewing streams were running at the time?

This isn’t the only problem with 2.2.10.

When watching live T.V. this build tends to exit back to the grid more frequently then previous releases. Normally an immediate retry at live play of the same channel works. Today it exited back and on an immediate attempt at live play the server indicated a weak signal error. At which point the next immediate attempt at live play indicated no tuner available. The next immediate attempt at live play worked.

Last night 4AM scheduled recording disappeared. No indication anywhere as to what happened.

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There was only ONE active tuner stream ( 3 available and not in use ) when the active tuner was assigned to a new recording.

If you recently recorded something, it is played thru a tuner to generate the thumbnails

No recordings scheduled at any time around 8AM when the live TV exited back to the grid. And only one scheduled recording at 4AM when the scheduled recording disappeared.

The tablo server can get confused about whether a tuner is in use. Here is another way you can confuse the server. As an example, if you have a amplified splitter and you swap the antenna coax into the splitter because you are swapping antennas. The tablo server can mark one of the tuners as in use. Of course the WEB app shows no tuners in use. This can only be cleared by rebooting the server.

And since I don’t use the remote connect feature and I’m the only one that uses the tablo I have a pretty good idea of when the tuners are in use.

Alright, I know I’m a bit thick with all the techno mumbo jumbo, but this makes absolutely no sense to me. How can swapping one antenna with another mark a tuner in use?

Don’t think tuner, think “tuner” == cpu that can do a task.

Could there be a hard drive problem? If the Tablo thinks there is no hard drive, then it will only use one tuner and ignore the rest.

Almost all software is some form of a state machine. If there is one flag representing the availability of a specific tuner there may be many conditions that must be met to trigger a transition of state.

Maybe all conditions must be off for the tuner to be marked as available. If a condition fails to clear the tuner will be permanently marked as in use until a reboot is performed.

@churchken Can you touch base with our support team through a ticket? We can set up a remote session to see what’s going on with your tuners.