Using the amp that comes with the antenna

Hi everyone… I’m new to the cable cutting. Have a outside antenna with a amp that comes with it. It can rotate the antenna. I bought a tablo with an external harddrive so my wife and I can tape shows that are on late. I’m going to set it up using wifi. Question…Do I unplug from the tv via wire on amp and hook it directly into the tablo? Thanks for your help.

Here’s a Tablo Blog - TV Antenna Setup: How to Access OTA Signals from Multiple Directions - has a section

What to Avoid: Antenna Rotors

Using an external hard drive… there is no “tape”.

The tablo will need an antenna connection if you want to tune a channel to record OTA programing. Good option is to get a splitter so you can keep both TV and tablo constantly connected.

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Thanks a million for getting back. So from the antenna put the splitter, keeping one as is going to the amp and tv, the other to the tablo.

I’m thinking Antenna -> Amp-> splitter->-> -1>TV -2>tablo
but you specifics might be unique to your setup.

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Minus the amp that’s how I have mine set up. Tablo does a great job with recordings but is painfully slow when switching channels when you watch live tv. I’m betting (I do live in Vegas lol) that your TV tuner will be much faster.

Thanks Steve for your input. I did try and not use the amp and I got 9 channels compared to 70 with the amp. So I need the amp. Thanks