Using Tabo TV with the Roku 1 to display HD on an old SD TV

I currently have a 4 tuner Tablo TV streaming to a roku 3 in my house and it is working great. I have wired ethernet all over my house and performance and reliability has been good.

Is it possible to stream from the same Tablo TV 4 tuner device to a Roku 1 device attached to an old Standard Definition Sony TV? What happens when an OTA HD signal stream gets sent to a Roku 1? Can it convert the signal to Standard Definition?

I watch Tablo ousing a Roku LT connected using a rd modular. The tv is so old all it had is an antenna connector…no Eva connectors. It works but channels that require he do not work including Wheel of Fortune

I got a Roku 1101, because it had component output and my oldest HDTV was component only.  However it did not really work except in 480i, then I finally just sent to S-Video.  Everything worked, but sometimes the square around a thumbnail on the Plex channel was in the wrong spot.  So I finally got a Roku 2 and put a wifi access point next to it using S-video.  When I tried the latest Plex channel it popped up a message that the newer Plex channel did not accomodate standard resolutions but “We’re working on it” (a familiar term around here).  My guess is that it will work, but there will be some modes or channels that do not. 

yes it does convert to sd, with black bars on top and bottom.

The short answer is absolutely yes. I do this myself. On the Roku 1, all channels play on the composite out in 480i or on the HDMI port, but not both simultaneously. The HDMI takes prioriy. When using the composite out, whether or not you have black bars is a function of the screen type you select on the Roku. If you select 4:3, you get black bars. If you select 16:9, you get a squished full screen.