Using Tablo while internet is down

Is there a way to access my tablo while the internet is down?

I can use my ipad and my roku with Tablo while the internet is down, but I can’t use my laptop (Chrome).

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This is an issue that I hope the Tablo folks can work around sometime soon. Ipad and Roku connect directly to the Tablo (and the FireTv does to, though someone needs to confirm), while anything web based goes out to the Tablo servers to make the initial connection.

So if your internet is down, the Tablo servers in Canada are down, or there is no internet for the Tablo servers, then the user can only access the Tablo from those few devices. Hopefully there can be some backup in place to make the web app act like the ipad app if there is no internet connectivity.


The FireTV does as well, but the FireTV will not load its interface if the Internet is down as it goes to Amazon to get its information. That is a big problem with the FireTV and I hope they change that as I have apps that will work without needing the Internet (Tablo and various games). However, if you are watching Tablo on the FireTV while the Internet goes down - as long as you do not leave the Tablo app, it will continue to work (I believe this is my experience).

Is it still the case that if the internet is down I cannot connect to Tablo with my PC. This really needs to be corrected. Out here in the sticks, internet service is very spotty.

The web interface is still served over the Internet, not from your Tablo device.

However, there is a Tablo app for Windows that might not require Internet access to function. I have it (and use it regularly) but I haven’t tested it without Internet connectivity.