Using Tablo in an environment with 15 roku players

I know this will be a very unique situation, but was hoping some of the super intelligent people on here could give me some advice.

First off, I’m a Tablo TV user at home. Love the device. My question pertains to my place of employement.

I work in IT for a public library system. We are putting 14 roku units at each of our main locations (and 1 unit in our IT department). We are going to be using Plex and QuickESigns for doing digital signage and for playing videos and such from our Marketing dept.

We were also looking at the possibility of having OTA broadcasts available on these units for each location to help monitor severe weather, especially during the Spring time here in Oklahoma. We are constantly having to monitor the weather this time of year and to keep our staff and customers updated since we have tornadic outbreaks quite frequently.

I read that a single Tablo device can only stream to 6 devices at once. So if we were to install 3 tablo DVR’s is the Roku app smart enough to know that one Tablo device has reached it’s 6 device limit and then pass the request on to the next available Tablo device?

BTW, network latency will not be an issue. We have gigabit connections between each of our main library locations.
This is our typical Internet Speed test at each branch, they all pass through our proxy at our central location and still have insane speeds.


@raneman - It’s not really designed to find the ‘next available’ Tablo. 

However if you dedicate 5 Rokus to a single Tablo via GigE it should theoretically work. 

Remember that depending if your Tablos are 2 or 4 tuner, that you will need an antenna for each.  You might want to consider the new Metro Tablo, which includes a built in antenna. 

I don’t know what the minimum amount of free disk is required.  Are you going to be setting the channels for the weather or are customers going to pick channels.
Somehow you will need to name them and have a central computer to control them all.

You don’t necessarilly need an antenna for each, if you have a distribution amplifier you can split the one OTA antenna for 2 Tablos.

but he’ll need three Tablos.  Is there an attic or somewhere an antenna could be mounted?  How far between each Tablo?  The longer the cable run, the more signal loss.  Would the Metro Tablo work at your location?

It’s possible we could use the Metro, there are only 3 stations I care about since they are the main 3 network affiliates and have the best weather coverage, two have choppers that are in the air covering the storms any time we have severe weather. Here is the Antennaweb results for our location with all of the channels available. The only three I’m concerned about are these:

KFOR-DT - 9 miles North
KOCO-DT - 7 miles North
KWTV-DT - 9 miles North

Although it wouldn’t be hard for us to run a good quality outdoor antenna from the roof of our building to the server room. I wish there was a Tablo TV that worked with Cable feeds, as we already have a Cox Cable basic feed coming into this building. If any of you have any ideas on how to get the Cox Cable feed out to the Roku’s, that would be great too. I had thought about HDhomerun, but I’m not sure there are any good supported apps that can access the HD homerun. I’ve seen unofficial Plex channels, but I’d rather use something a bit more established for this sort of thing.

Is there a Cox Cable app for the Roku as there is for Time Warner?