Using remote access when router has a OpenVPN server

I have OpenVPN server activated on my ASUS router. I can succesfully use it to remotely access other local LAN resources but not to access my Tablo DVR. I have not enabled the Tablo remote access since that opens ports on my router which I would prefer not to do. Is there a way to access Tablo through a Open VPN server installed on the router that the Tablo DVR is connected to?

I haven’t tried that, but theoretically, if you use the OpenVPN to connect to your router, it is like “being on that network”, and it should work.

Following. I’m in the same situation including an ASUS router and OpenVPN. It did not work for me either so I opened the required ports. Besides Tablo I have only had one other problem like this and it is a connected pellet grill that will not allow starting it from afar.