Username Protocol

Just for fun.

Using ShadowsPapa protocol my Username would be PixiesPapa.

What would yours be?





ShadowsPapa dates back a ways, Shadow passed away ab out 3 years ago (he was quite ill, tumor wrapped around his intestine)
Shadow was Barbara’s cat mostly, they were joined at the hip. 

Punkin was my bud. He made it to 19 after a life of thyroid issues and meds.

Cats are clever, smart and intuive.  ;-)       Just ask one. 

See - Yawnie agrees…

@BraveUpNorth now play nice or go home.

My Pixie is not a cat she is a goofball shih tzu/poodle mix

This is Didi, supreme ruler of the backyard. She’s a rescue and came with that name so no, I didn’t pick it. And she owns me, so I guess I’d be DidisHuman.

Mine would be PossumsDad… He is the white horse in my avatar. He is gone now. We had to put him down Labor Day before last…

Ouch - horses and people can be a very very close friendship both ways. 

Now wait a minute here - 

It’s true, cats have more fun…