User-Selectable Program Segments

I examined the Tablo program file system and I see many individual segments that appear to be in 10-second increments and average a few megabytes in size each. I think performance might be improved if a longer period could be defined by the user (correct me if I am wrong).

I could live with 60-second fast-forward jumps if it made the overall system perform better. It would seem only 1/6 as many thumbnails would have to be created, which should shorten the time to create them. The entries in the file allocation table on the hard drive would be much reduced as well.

Perhaps the segment interval period could be made selectable the same as the recording quality. Perhaps 10-30-60 second options?

I second this idea, the more customization for each user the better. Though the more customization it becomes the harder it is for Tablo to find what is causing what problems for each user. Still I am all for Customization like this and a few other places already requested.

I would bet it can’t be customized out of the HLS standard. And how many people know that standard?