Use of AppleTV with Tablo Connect (remote from home)

We have a seasonal “lake house” in addition to our year-round home where my Tablo resides. Last year I setup an AppleTV using Tablo Connect to remotely access my Tablo. It worked very well.

This year when I get up there the app on the AppleTV would not connect to my home Tablo. This is frustrating in that it seems I need to return the lake house AppleTV back to my home network to get it working again.

Can you help with why this occurs and how to remedy it? Is there a way to keep it connected over the winter?

Working as designed. The authentication eventually times out. You should bring that AppleTV home for the winter.

The only way to avoid this is to set up a VPN between the two residences so that the AppleTV is (effectively) on the same LAN as the Tablo. This is not a simple task.


I’ve already authenticated. It seems like it is unnecessary to have to reauthenticate.

AND that defeats the purpose of having the AppleTV there as a security hub.

Might consider setting up a VPN as @FlyingDiver suggested.

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If it had login and password it would have been muvh earlier