Use different sticks?

I have a TV with 4 HDMI connections. If I plug a Roku stick in HDMI1 and an Amazon Fire stick in HDMI2 will Tablo see them both?

Why would I do this? I often get a notice from Amazon that my picture quality might be reduced due to speed problems. I have 50/50 internet speeds. I was wondering if I might get better Amazon performance if I use their stick instead of Roku.

Thank you.

I do that without any problems.

What kind of router do you have? Tablo works best with newer routers that have wireless AC.

What cable modem do you have? What speed does speed test show? I pay for 50 down and 6 up
I have Zoom 5341J cable modem, that I’ve had for 3 years.

I had Verizon FIOS and they sold to Frontier. I am getting 50/50 but plan on reducing service to 50/5 for lower cost. I have a Verizon Fios 3W0X8 router. Goal is keep internet and cut tv cable.