USB and Roku questions

Newbie here, can you tell me what the "second" USB port can be used for and if the ROKU Streaming Stick is compatible with Tablo?

Thank you!

In the future you will be able to have a second hard drive.  For now you can use it as a USB port, to connect a fan, charge your phone, etc.  The Roku streaming Stick should be compatible but I would suggest a Roku 3, which has dropped in price at Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.  It is around $20 less than I paid for mine.  The Roku 4 most likely will be out soon and they are trying to get rid of the Roku 3.


Roku 3 for sure. Which Roku Stick? 3400 or 3500? The 3400 is quite old and likely will result in slow Tablo UI experience.

IWith a Roku (any of them) you can add the FilmON channel, then look at all the options.  There are a few 24 hour news stations.

FilmON channel?  Never heard of that one, don’t see it on Roku channels, is it private?

Ah, sorry, I see there was a link on the website options to get the channel.

(why do I always find that stuff AFTER I posted a question???  ;)    )

Yes it is a private channel.  I got it some time ago.  You can go to