Upload to Tablo from MP4 format to Tablo format

I use Tablo RIpper to pull files from the Tablo to my hard disk in MP4 format. I then process the files with MCE Buddy to remove the commercials resulting in another MP4 file.

I would like to convert the MCE Buddy MP4 file into Tablo format and upload it to the Tablo for viewing just like any other recording.

Currently, I put the commercial-less MP4 file into Windows Media Player and access it through the Roku Media Player. This seems like unnecessary complexity which requires a computer with the media player to be running and connected to the network.

I am asking does something like a “Tablo Pusher” exist?

Thanks, CraigM

This does not exist to my knowledge at least.

Interesting idea, but never heard of being able to put media back on the Tablo.

I have a feeling Tablo wouldn’t like people doing this, just for the sake of stability.

Take a look at plex.