Upgrading Tablo and Upgrading HDD

I’m thinking about upgrading my Tablo and also upgrading my hard drive size. How can I move all my videos from my 500 gigabyte hard drive to a 2 terabyte and have my Tablo recognize them.

Also in the other matter of upgrading Tablos the instructions say {Step 3: Attach Ethernet and power (in that order) to your new Tablo.} It means attach the Ethernet to the router and not to the original Tablo right?

It is now straightforward to upgrade your Tablo from a dual tuner to a quad tuner when keeping the same HDD. Yes, the Ethernet cable is from the Tablo to router.

Upgrading the HDD from 500 GB to 2 TB while keeping all your recordings, that’s another story. There is no native support for that yet. However, others have done it in the community with use of tools on their computer.

Connect both hard drives until the shows are watched and then remove the 500GB when completed. Would that work?

You mean a drive on each Tablo box? Tablo doesn’t support multiple drives currently on a single box.

No the Tablo only supports 1 HDD.

Use the tablo ripper utility and send them up to plex.