Upgrading from older Tablo

I currently have the older Tablo 2 tuner model. If I plug my current hard drive into a new 4th Gen Tablo will my recordings still be available?

No, they are recorded completely differently.

Bummer. I don’t really want to lose all of those recordings. Do you know if they can be transferred into a viewable format on a PC?

Only if you can find a 3rd party ripper app that is still available.

I think you can install and use Tablo Tools, or Tablo Ripper on your PC to copy them from the Tablo to you PC.
MP4 format I believe.

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Tablo Tools works great, but you do lose thumbnails and CS.

I left both Tablos hooked up at first until I watched all the shows on the old one. Then I sold it and the HD on Ebay. I installed a new HD with the new Tablo.