Upgrade to 2.1.24 went without a hitch!

Posting this just because the forums tend to only get the failures… but rather than having everybody post onto this…  if things went ok, maybe you could just hit like on this (??)


Works on Roku 3, iPad Air, iPhone 6, Android tablet, Nexus 5, and PC with Win 8.1 and Chrome browser. No hitches.


Upgraded remotely while at the office. No issues.

Yup I had mine upgrade without a hitch in under 5 mins… and for the record I had the beta firmware that others had as well.

Mine upgraded without a problem. The thumbnails are great…

Fast easy upgrade. Chrome, Roku3, Roku2XD and iPad working great.

I trudged through a foot of snow to the shop and did the blue button reset on the Tablos, but still got the alert to upgrade when I checked things on the Roku 1 down there.  I came back to the house and got into Chrome on the HTPC and upgraded both Tablos with that.  No issues on the other six Roku 1, but not noticing any changes except the alert is gone.  I don’t record, only watch live, so I don’t have a guide subscription and nifty pictures.  With two Tablos it’s easier to check the “What’s Up” Roku channel first rather than go through the series of button pushes to check the north Tablo, only to have to back out and go through the same thing to check the south. 

No issues with my upgrade.  Tablo was amazing before, its off the charts now.

No issues here either.

Flawless on 3 rokus and Chrome web app. Very nice enhancement. Well done.

It fixed my issues with Tablo not bookmarking or saving where I stopped watching a recorded show, it also helped the Chromecast/Chrome FF issue on the PC, have not tried on the phone. So it solved two major issues for me using Chrome and Chromecast. Bravo. 


Quick and easy update.  Love the thumbnails.  It makes the Roku app soooo much more useful now.  That was one of the things needed to bring Tablo more inline with Cable box functionality.

I can’t wait for the revamped Roku app…