Upgrade Roku wireless speed

I got to thinking…can one of those devices to upgrade a router be used to upgrade the wireless on a Roku? I mean it just plugs into the RJ45 jack.

What are “those devices” from your post… I’m missing context…

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Hawking Technology Hi-Gain 5GHz Wireless AC Network Upgrade (HW5AC)

I got the usb adapter for my laptop from this company and am really impressed after dealing with the piece of junk that I am sending back to Amazon. I said it was missing items (mainly instructions on how to install with Windows 7 or higher. The driver for the usb installed great. It did as it was supposed to and asked if I wanted it to run. The thing from China did not.

I’m hopeful the Hawking Router upgrade is just as good as this was. They appear to at least be able to write English. I haven’t needed to call support. It does cost more than the other one, but worth it if it works.