Upgrade? Or just buy second 2 tuner Tablo?

What happens if I buy a second Tablo? I need more than 2 tuners. Do I have to connect to each Tablo seperately? @TabloTV is it possible to make an update that combines them into one interface so I don’t need to worry which Tablo and Tablo tuner it’s using? It could just add all the recorded videos into a unified interface and it will just access it from the needed Tablo harddrive. Or maybe I should just buy a new Tablo, with 4 tuners…

Yes you’ll have the option to connect to different Tablos.

Each Tablo is basically a standalone unit, and each one needs its own hard drive and antenna (though you could just split an antenna connection into each if you have a strong enough signal)…

Each Tablo will have its own name. To go between Tablos, you will need to disconnect from one and connect to the other through the interface. Each Tablo will also have its own schedule and set of recordings.

It is highly unlikely there will be a unified interface anytime soon, if ever. So it may be best to buy a four tuner if you need all those tuners.

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Recommend getting the quad model.
Originally, I had the dual model.
Even with only 7 channels in my channel list, it ran into scheduled recording conflicts, and it was difficult to watch Live TV when recordings were active.
I mean, I would try to watch a different channel than ones being recorded, and no tuner would be available.

Gave the dual model to my mom.
She loves it, cuz she mostly watches Live TV, so no conflicts with tuners.

I upgraded to the quad model, and don’t recall the last time I had a scheduled recording conflict, and Live TV watching always seems to have a tuner available for me.

Sell, or gift your dual model, and upgrade to the quad.

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If you’re going to buy another unit, I would also vote to buy a 4-tuner unit rather than another 2-tuner. Since you’ll have to connect to each Tablo seperately, then a 4-tuner unit will minimize that. If 4-tuners works for you, then you can sell/gift the old 2-tuner unit, and not have to deal with switching between units in the Tablo app. If you still want more tuners than 4, you’ll end up switching units anyway, and if you keep the old 2-tuner unit around, you’d have 6 tuners and would only have to switch between 2 Tablos. You can never have too many tuners. :slight_smile:

(If you’re looking to save some money, you could check the refurbished units Tablo sells. I bought my 4 tuner that way and I’ve been really happy with it. You get the standard warranty, just not the 30 day return policy, but since you’re already familiar with the Tablo, you shouldn’t need that.)

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