Upgrade LAN if you have Wireless N router

I just got done helping soneone on FB. Turns out his router is wireless N. Wireless AC is THREE TIMES FASTER than wireless N. If you are using devices wireless and they support wireless AC it helps eliminate buffering. Your internet can be 15 Mbps but your LAN needs all the speed.

I’ve been on AC for a long time and never had buffering issues that were too bad on 720. But I did just upgrade all my devices for other reasons and decided to move up to 1080 and still have no buffering :wink:

Oh forgot to add, there are soooo many variables in networks that when people say it is not my network, doesn’t really mean much. 2 people with the same internet provider with the same hardware can have different issues. Interference, Walls, floors, placement of the hardware, etc…

TP Link Archer C7
Arris SB6190

Forgot to mention pay for 100 down and 10 up

Yep, same here :wink:

Of course most of here have worked in IT at one time or another and have networking experience.

Well, that is probably true :stuck_out_tongue:

your internet speed has no bearing on your LAN speed. so if you are viewing your tablo from your home and the device you use to stream your tablo feed is also in your home, then the factor that drives the speed is the speed at which these two devices connect to your router/switch/hub combo. if you have a gigabit router with gigagit switches/hubs, then the bottleneck is most likely the tablo itself, which is at 100Mbps on wired and at N speed for wireless.

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They nred to upgrade it for Tablo 2017.

there’s going to be a 2017 version with with wireless ac and gigabit ethernet support?

You’ll need to ask @TabloSupport or @TabloTV

There is no such thing planned.

We are focusing on adding screens and features and support for additional devices.

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