Upgrade 2.2.8 made it slower reload on FF, Can I go back one upgrade?

With the new upgrade it takes longer to load programs using the roku 3, when I fast forward it takes 2 minutes to reload. I did not have this problem with the old upgrade. I see that this was upgraded to fix this problem not create it. I have rebooted everybody in the chain and not change. Can I uninstall latest upgrade. Tablo works great on my IPad, but sucks on the Roku3! I will hold the rest of my negative comments as I am not a new owner of this product.

Then you should know that going back is not an option. If it were me, I would back up my recordings using Tablo Ripper or Tablo Exporter and then do a complete factory reset. I had all the problems prior to doing that - even to the point of not syncing or downloading the guide. Once I did a FDR, all has been perfect. I am still on 2.2.2 and waiting for things to work themselves out before attempting any upgrades but others have reported the same success with later upgrades after the process.

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I have the same problems. It is awful. My Tablo works great on my android phone and tablet it also works okay on Chromecast. I bought the Roku 3 specifically to use with Tablo. It worked wonderfully until the last two Tablo updates. I have also asked if there is a way to go back, but have not received an answer. To be fair - I sent the question to Tablo support after business hours on Friday.

Reboot your router, tablo and Roku. If it doesn’t work try rebooting tablo until it is working, it took 5 tablo reboots for me to get it to work the last time.

Like others I found rebooting the tablo seems to resolve the issue (I also kill the power to the hard drive as I use a self-powered drive)