Updating software using web app?

This morning I received a message stating that the software on “this channel” (Roku? Tablo?) was out of date and would have to be updated by tablet or web app.

I use a Macbook Pro to access the web app, but I’m not sure what that means or even how to do update it.

I should also add that after I got that message, I was still able to access the live tv feed.

Please disregard the original post.  

I had originally opened up the web app and checked around but didn’t find anything that indicated an update was needed, nor did I see any link or button that need to be pushed to check for an update.

I left the room to do something for a few minutes and when I returned, the screen on my laptop had changed to a software update screen.

After that it was a simple matter to follow!


@gerasco Glad you got this working :slight_smile:

On the ipad on the Settings screen - sometimes it says “Update available” under the software versions label, but it should be more prominent, i.e. “in your face”.

On the ipad, the upgrade was pretty slick - \I only had to click start and then click when done.

An autoupdate feature would be nice, but ONLY if it does the update when no recordings are scheduled or in progress so I don’t lose my programs.

I was thinking about this same thing in the shower this morning…[insert jokes here :stuck_out_tongue: ] Tablo Support doesn’t broadcast an email to users when there’s an update?

@HowHardCanItBe That’s a good idea - one that we’ve recently been discussing. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

@Diligent Depending on the app that you use, you should usually receive a notification of a pending firmware/software upgrade. We also send out a newsletter email and post an announcement on the forums with the details.