Updates on Cloud DVR & Automatic Commercial Skip, Changes to TV Guide Subscription Accounts


:slight_smile: But obviously not as “nice” for new people coming into the Tablo fold. Again, this is still all to reminiscent of the Plex Pass price doubling. If you bought when it was cheap, no problem. People on the fence… well, you shouldn’t of waited so long.

In fact, of course, it’s worse in Nuvyyo’s case. With Plex, the price increase was advertised in advance and people were given “plenty of time” to decide if they were on the fence.

Plex lives on… but so does the griping and complaining about the price doubling… even years after it happened.


So extremely impressed by the company right now. Great Job and thanks for taking care of us.


Respect on the response to the concerns. I just wish people would have been a little more measured in their initial responses. It’s good there was discussion and this seems like a fair response, I just think we could have gotten there in a bit nicer way.


No snowflakes allowed.

It’s always good and sometimes fun to be a large herd of farting cows. Just don’t light a match.


Bravo Grant Hall and the Tablo team, you did the right thing!! I’m back in your advocate camp.

A Note from Tablo’s CEO


You got that right!!!


What does a smooth curve lying in a plane have anything to do with this?


This is a good question. I’ve been waiting for the new quad to come out before I go into tablo


This has been answered, see link below. If you already have another Tablo and a subscription as of March 7, 2019 then you can add more units to your lifetime subscription without paying more.

If you currently do not have a Tablo nor have a subscription, then yes going forward each newly bought Tablo unit will have to have its own separate purchased subscription. AKA you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on a Tablo, well you waited too long. You don’t get a break cause you “considered” buying a Tablo before March 7, 2019 lol You had to actually buy one.



Math geek? I approve :+1:


Even though this is over and done; zippy linked the subscription agreement, you linked to website terms of use - two different agreements, one doesn’t apply to guide subscriptions.


Of course we could talk about the numerous products that have grandfathered various services, service plans, and products only to have the grandfathering eventually revoked.

But that would mean this thread could last until the Tablo ATSC 3.0 model shows up at BestBuy.


That is the frustrating part. While everyone here commends the CEO for doing the right thing for thier current users, they still left some of us hanging.

They marketed the Quad with the same subscription features that drew you in as a customer. I didn’t ‘wait too long’ or ‘consider’ buying one as you so put it. I was simple unable to.

Had the Quad not been marked with the lifetime subscription, I would had purchased the old 4 tuner when it was on sale with a free year of guide service so I could be grandfathered in. But I wasn’t given this opportunity.

If you can’t see the deception in that marketing, then I don’t know what else to say. I’ve been a big supporter of them stepping up and doing what is right for thier existing customers, but there are still some of us who have have been pre-sold under false pretenses. Now that the terms have changed I have no recourse.


Since the lifetime subscription fee has been $150 for many years, why not have Nuvyyo keep the original grandfather rules but raise the price to $250-$300 dollars.

Costs rise over time, products raise their prices, and that would satisfy your complaint. And you should then be happy.


Most companies that do this make an announcement and phase a major change like this in. That would allow users time to take advantage of current advertised offers while they still last.

I as have mentioned many times. I don’t fault a company for making necessary changes. But selling people on one thing and delivering another isn’t great.

I know you’re happy because you just happened to purchase a unit before this unknown date. But the truth is we were both sold on the same subscription benefits. They just cut those off retroactively for me.


Actually many consumer product companies don’t announce changes until they occur.

I have had any number of plans, including grandfathered plans, that didn’t announce the change until the month they occurred. By then it’s a little hard to find other service offerings.

It’s always fun to find your bill went up $5-$10 dollars.


Not for ‘lifetime subscription’ items though. You’re talking about just regular monthly bills. Completely different things.


If you haven’t purchased something, then this hasn’t actually happened.

You have only entered into a TOS or contract when there is exchange of money for a product. If you haven’t bought anything, then this hasn’t happened.

They haven’t sold anything, nor have they delivered anything.


You seem lost on this whole concept. I didn’t purchase anything because I was physically unable to. I was waiting for the Quad to be released. They have been advertising it since January on their home page as Coming the End of March, and that is what I have been waiting for. As part of the advertising for the Quad, was the Lifetime Subscription that was tied to ‘You’ and not the device.

I wasn’t procrastinating, or flip-flopping, I was merely waiting until was able to purchase the device.

My point is this. Had they advertised that the existing units came with a Lifetime Subscription and the new Quad did not, I would have pulled the trigger before March 7th. In fact, it has been hard waiting until the Quad is ready (several times I’ve almost broke down and purchased the old 4-tuner). I could have jumped on some of the sales specials long ago. Just even a hint that a change to the subscription model on the Quad was forthcoming would have factored into my decision.

The fact that they advertised the Quad with a Lifetime Subscription was misleading. I know you feel empowered now that you have your lifetime subscription secured, and I am happy that they lived up to that promise. But that doesn’t negate the fact that they shouldn’t have advertised the product with those features and then pulled those features before I could purchase it. There are lots of other people in the same situation as me.

I will say it again to be clear. I do not fault the company for making the change, they just went about it the wrong way. Even if they wanted this to take place before the Quad came out, they should have given us a heads-up (or at least not advertised the Quad with a lifetime subscription tied to you). That way I could have made an informed decision on what was more important. A older unit with a lifetime subscription, or wait for the Quad.

You can say that they don’t owe me anything as I am not a customer yet, and I will agree with that statement, but with one caveat. They owe it to me not to falsely advertise something, which they did. I cannot purchase the Quad with a Lifetime Subscription that is tied to me and not the device. Heck, I can’t even purchase any old units that way now. Surely you must see why that is frustrating to someone who has been waiting patiently to purchase their product?


Are you speaking to the fact if you had purchased before 3/7 you could have added an additional unit later to be used concurrently and had it covered by the single lifetime subscription?