Updated Tablo to 2.1.28 and it won't connect any longer

All was great with my Tablo.  I don’t have a Roku so not sure I even needed to update, but the Tablo asked a few times so I let it update.  30 minutes later and the Tablo light is solid, but when I go to my.tablotv.com all I get is a connecting message.  I have waited 10 more minutes and it still says connecting.  Anyone know the troubleshooting steps I should take to get Tablo working again?  Not sure I want any future updates :frowning:

Forget it.  Apparently the secret was just posting a question and waiting a few more minutes.  Seems to be working now.  A few strange things such as remote access claimed to need manual configuring, but toggling it off then back on has it working now too.  All is good again.  

My unit took at least 10 minutes after reboot to login.