Update recommendations?

I have two Tablo Dual lites. One has been having tuner issues. It will quit receiving signals randomly. When I checked the setup, all was green, but on the guide I got the no signal message. A restart of the Tablo and the channels are back (this was a week ago), but it happened again today. I think the tuner is going out on this box. So for recommendations (I’m using Tablo thru a Roku box)… do I get the gen 4 Tablo, or is there something out there with similar functionality? Looked at Homerun, can’t do it in my situation because I need to stay all wifi. I see the SlingTV box, but it has similar reviews to the gen 4 Tablo. Suggestions?

Before you chuck it, swap the power supplies. If the bad Tablo starts working and the other one starts having problems, you’ll know where the issue lies.


Ok, thanks, I’ll give that a try. Oh, and if it turns out to be the power supply, where do I get a new one? Thanks again.

We have them on our web store:

Thanks for the quick reply.