Update old unit without remote access

I have a Tablo that’s been on the shelf a few years. According to support the only way to update is to give them direct access through a firewall. Unfortunately I use T-Mobile internet and they don’t support port forwarding because they use CG-NAT
T-Mobile does support a service that will allow me to open Telnet to an internal server on my network where support could then hop to the Tablo box, but they refuse to go that route.
Anyone have any ideas on how to get this updated or do I just give up and buy something else?

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Set it up at a friend’s house temporarily.
Once Tablo Support is finished doing their magic, take it back home, and set it up there.


Not an option for me but thanks.

The firmware is so out of date it won’t update by normal means? I’m surprised to hear that, but not unheard of in tech.
So what does that mean from an end use POV? Does it work but is missing features like guide updates?

I can’t use or connect to it at all. It apparently needs step updates with only support can do.

They claim they can only connect directly to it to accomplish this, I have the ability to stand up an internal telnet server they could use as a jump box but that’s not an option for them.

Did you ask if you could ship it to them?

That is actually a great idea. I will try that.


It’s “so out of date” it won’t even work? no basic function?

So a tablo, indirectly, may have an EOL… if left out of service too long.