Update is worthless!

Updated this morning. It didn’t help at all. Constantly get “loading pls wait”. Can’t watch my recordings. Totally useless! Should have went with cable!

Nothing is holding you back. We aren’t. Cable is still there for you. Many options and alternatives available.

Thanks for the info…I had no idea!

You’re welcome. That’s what’s nice about our society - choices. Good luck.

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If your problem is occurring on Roku devices, a cheaper solution than cable may be to try a different streaming box. I have never had a LPW message on the FireTV and haven’t seen anyone on here complain about LPW on the FireTV (or pretty much any device besides the Roku). Recordings play seamlessly. People on these forums also seem to like Nexus Player and NVidia Shield, although I haven’t tried them myself. I personally would try something besides Roku before going back to cable - if it doesn’t work, you can always return the new box and go back to cable at that point.


I don’t believe the problem is Roku. I have seven of the things running. All of the Roku 3 or better devices stream the 1080i recordings @ 10Mbps flawlessly. I do have a little trouble with the live stream reloading for a few minutes when the stream first starts but it settles down after two or three buffering incidents then streams without problems. I think this is the same old Roku stuff and a weak network. Roku has never been tolerant of delayed packets, missing packets, out of sequence packets. If your home network has any problems, Roku will feel it in a big way.


@Jgang5 - Can you try rebooting your router > Tablo > Roku and wait about 2 minutes between each reboot. Then try to playback again?

If you’re still seeing issues there may be a network-related problem as others have suggested. How old is your router?

The problem is definitely Roku. No one else experiences LPW on either FireTV or Android TV with a decent network. That’s why the last few firmware updates have been solely focused on trying to fix Roku playback.

Edit: I mean to say the issue lies in the transfer between Tablo and Roku.


Comparing it to another device is almost irrelevant. Those devices probably have a more robust IP stack or deeper buffer. Roku for as long as I have been using them are sensitive to network errors. Roku is always the first place I see new network problems make themselves apparent. Your other devices may be doing a better job at hiding problems. For all the great things Roku does, it’s network error handling is poor.

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Probably the best way to describe it is an issue with the Tablo communicating with Rokus. Which device/company is at fault is not really important to the end user who just wants things to work.

The same buffering issue does not occur (or is not visible) with other streaming devices so a work around for those tired of waiting for a solution is to use one of the other streaming devices.


This is what I was trying to say. Thanks for the clarification.

But this is not true. I’m on most streaming forums and I see people go back and forth between streamers because of this issue or that issue rather than just solving the root problem. Sometimes the problem is the device and other times its external forces impacting one device. Roku didn’t get to be the largest user base by not working well.

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If you only waited for one day worth of data to be downloaded before testing I would give it 24 hours. I noticed a pattern then when these major updates take place and you need to re-download the guide data that the Tablo gets slower and the Loading Please Wait happens more often. Once the Tablo is given 24 to do all of its updating it seems to then be working fine with just an occasional Loading Please Wait.

What is not true? Are you saying there is no issue communicating between Tablo and Roku? Note as I mentioned I am not saying where the problem lies, just that there is an issue when you use both of those together.

(Boy, this forum loves arguing semantics.)


It’s part of the joy of hanging out with engineers. :slight_smile:


@nicholb, actually I am saying there is not a communication problem between the devices. Is operation 100% problem free, no its not. The problems I see have something to do with processor or memory load on the Tablo. That being said the problems are minimal. In general Tablo works well and seems to be working 100% for me at the recommended settings. I am only seeing problems when I push the bit rate envelope.

No, no no - not the dreaded cable. I’d sooner run naked over hot coals.
I switched from CHROMECAST To Nexus player and I’m luvin the new Tablo experience.


I agree. I will never ever go back to cable or satellite unless they come up with a package that gives me the 15 channels I want for $10. a month. And that will never happen. My Roku 2 works great with Tablo at 720p. 1080 vs 720 does nothing to affect my viewing experience. And gives me one less thing to get upset over. :blush:

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SC. I hear that. Difference between 720p and 1080 is subtle. Thing is I can use 1080 with no buffering issues since installing Nexus player.

We’re supposed to be a nation of FREEDOM lovers but virtual monopolies never give us the FREEDOM to choose what we want. We’ve been “packaged” to death - ugh. Giving Time Warner the finger is cause for celebration. Cheers.

Are you an anti-semantic?