Update From My Previous ONN Post

I took back my ONN device this morning and purchased the one with Ethernet connection and this is one really good device and my Gen 4 plays great on it. I downloaded all my other apps and they are working great. I would recommend this device just for general streaming and it is only $49.00. I also have a TiVo 4K Stream and this ONN device puts it to shame plus it has plenty of storage. All of my Tablo channels have all the guide info unlike my Roku

With have been very happy with our Onn 4K Pro with our legacy Tablo as well.

Curious about this portion of your note…

Do you mean that some of your channels are missing guide data (i.e. display ‘Programming Not Available’) when viewed with the Tablo app on Roku, but that the data IS present via the Tablo app on your ONN device?