Upcoming scheduled Live event Notifications and Alexa

  1. Is there a manner for TabloTV to save a live event request and tune auto-magically “tune” to that channel? My old Dish could tune to a specific channel at a specific time to ensure I was watching that event “live”. Can I do this somehow with TabloTV?
  2. Are there plans to integrate Amazon Echo and TabloTV? I would like to issue commands to TabloTV via the Echo device via voice commands. I currently use Echo, via IFTTT, to control shades. And natively voice control my lights and such via Wink integration.

@Samkimg Unfortunately there isn’t a way today to do either of the things you’ve requested. However, we are aware of someone who is poking at Amazon Echo for integration with Tablo’s API. It’s not something that we have time to focus on internally at the moment, but the concept is pretty cool!

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I have been able to control Tablo via the Echo on the FireTV using a free app called AnyMote and the AnyMote Alexa skill. It is a very rudimentary implementation (your voice commands basically replace remote button presses). But it is useful if I want to pause or resume playback and I am not near the remote at the time.

It would be really nice to have more intuitive native integration (eg, instead of speaking navigation commands to work your way through a menu, issue intuitive commands, like “Watch Channel 9.1” or “Watch Big Bang Theory” or “Play Next Episode of Gotham.”

Here is a video of me controlling Tablo on the FireTV with the Echo. You can actually do this with any device, but it works the best with devices controlled by a WiFi remote. If you must control an IR device, you need to have a phone or tablet with an IR blaster (or the AnyMote Home device) and it must be on and pointed at your device. With WiFi, the tablet running AnyMote just needs to be connected to your network - it does not need to be awake, in the room, or currently running the app.

I have been able to get the Tablo to at least start using a Fire TV using a Harmony Remote also also with voice commands via the Amazon Echo with the Harmony Smart Hub. Works pretty well to turn on the TV, Receiver, Fire Tv and start up Tablo App. From there I use the Harmony remote to select what I want to do.

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