Upcoming Schedule List View

@TabloTV Are there any plans to add the “Upcoming” list view to the Scheduled tab in the Android TV (and Android) apps? It was recently added to the Roku app and it is a really nice view to have.


Don’t we already have that in the Android app? I just checked on my phone and there is a “Scheduled” menu choice. When I selected it, a display of all the programs I’ve scheduled appeared. I’m using version 1.0.27 of the app, running on a Galaxy S5 Mini ('droid 4.4)


I’m sorry, I should have included the type of view “Upcoming” in my original message.

It would be good to add this to the web interface as well.

We’ve mentioned this in a few other places but we are working on a big update to our Android apps which will add more features and sort options.


Any update on the big update for Android apps with more features and sort options? Now that fall premieres are in full force it would be really nice to see upcoming recordings in a list view on Android TV.

Here is the latest from a few days ago:

Thanks for the information! Looking forward to seeing this major update!

The way that the Android apps display upcoming recordings in a thumbnail grid format is not that most efficient way to quickly look to see if items in the next week are set to record.

Totally agree with this. We are an Android house so most of the devices we use with Tablo are Android but I’ve been verifying all of the new premieres on the Roku since it is the only device we have that has the Upcoming view.