Unsolicited Endorsement

October 2018 I first became a tablo OTA DVR user. Started out with a Dual Lite. Initially had undetermined issues with “Hard drive temporarily unavailable.” Quickly got past that and have NOT had any issues with any tablo’s since in the past 3yrs!

As more sub-channels I got a second Dual Lite the following year, then financially things looked good and purchased a third, now use a Tablo Quad.

I have criticism of how tablo does and does not work. Thanks to 3rd party apps I can get around most of that.

Ultimately tablo functions as intended without issue! Yes there are occasional “signal” failure even though I’ve never had my TV fluctuate on any station. Tablo does what it’s suppose to and does it reasonably well – when used as designed, as intended.

thanks tablo!

This is not meant to discount failures others may encounter. It’s very likely not every product is going to be flawless. With all the variables to use/setup a tablo… sadly there’s probably a lot of user error involved.

again, this is unsolicited and unsanctioned – I received no compensation other than a device which continues to function – for which I paid full retail price.


I agree with the above…I just ordered my second dual lite.
Btw, where do you find starting dates for these posts???

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Hover over the time/date in the upper right of the post, for the “start”, go to the first one I suppose. Unless it’s been edited, then it’ll show a pencil and the last edited date and the original date/time is lost I believe.