Unknown Playback error 3x a week now

About 3 times a week now the Tablo just stops working. I can go through the menus but i cannot play any content from the device. The only way to fix is to pull the plug on the device and power it back up again. Then all the content works perfectly fine for a day or 2. It is becoming extremely annoying to deal with.

2 Tuner Tablo
Gigabit wired connection
WD 1Tb USB3.0 External HDD

Can anyone help me with this? I have submitted an email to help but those usually take days to get any response. Hoping the community is a bit faster.

Do you have a static IP address for your Tablo? If not, go to your router and set up DHCP Reservations, and find the Tablo. Every router is different on how to configure DHCP reservations.

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Also turn it on its side and put it in a well ventilated area so it cools better.

Yes static IP assigned at the router level already.

The device is actually sitting in a wire rack with fans under it. Room stays at fairly constant 71 deg with 48% humidity.

I’ve seen this behavior when the disk drops offline after the recording has been made or during the actual recording. When using the tablo WEB app to connect to the tablo, does the settings tab correctly show the disk information. Use the WD firmware update tool to make sure the drive firmware is up to date. The is especially true when using the WD elements drive with a S/N suffix of “-03”.

What router do you have? The router I had prior to the one I have now, prior to having Tablo would have constant buffering when watching streaming video. That’s the reason I got a new router, and yes, the new router did cost more, but the performance is much better and makes streaming watchable.

There is at least one other router listed in the forums that works well. The one I currently use is the only one I have first hand positive experience with.

Linksys EA3500 N750 Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Router is the router I currently use.

I doubt that it’s a tcp/ip issue since he can connect to the tablo. Or as he says:
“I can go through the menus but i cannot play any content from the
device. The only way to fix is to pull the plug on the device and power
it back up again”

I believe the beta firmware will finally be released next week. That might solve the problem.

Is the box checked to let the Tablo delete shows automatically if it needs space? I remember having problems prior to doing that because the disk was full. 5 TB disk going to be connected to my Tablo soon. Was going to yesterday but a new beta cane. I don’t like changing more than 1 thing at a time and test the change.

Not holding my breath. This has been pushed for the third time now.

Third times the charm!!

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It’s going to be perfect! Also nort a good idea to release this major of an update on a Friday with no tech support on the weekend

I don’t disagree. The problem is giving release dates and then continuing to push them. Better not to give a date in the first place, or give a date that you KNOW you can meet, then if it comes early, that is just a bonus.