"Unknown error" message and other issues

After a good first month with the two tuner model, I’m having a host of issues with my Tablo. Today everything was playing fine and over the last four hours, not a single channel with play via the Roku 3. The 49ers game was scheduled to record and didn’t, even though NBC was streaming perfectly earlier today. I am getting “an unknown error has occurred” on almost every channel now, and have tried resets or both devices and a couple other tricks mentioned in these forums. I’m usually patient but must say that I’m extremely annoyed to have missed the game today. Thanks.

@chrisd Yikes - I’m really sorry to hear that you missed the game. 

Can you send me some of the details directly in a ticket? I’ll be able to get to your response(s) quicker so that we can get you fixed up. Try and include your MAC address in the form and some of the details on your hard drive (make, model, size, how much space is left) and I’ll get back to you ASAP.