Unknown Error Has Occurred

I receive an error screen that states “unknown error has occurred” when leaving live tv back to the guide. It asks if I would like to “try again” or “cancel.” Using try again doesn’t do anything. If I select cancel or just go back with
the remote it goes to the guide as it should. It looks like it happens of the guide is behind what’s live on tv. Like the guide doesn’t refresh each half hour so it gets behind. It’s not really a problem per se just annoying. I searched before posting and saw there was a similar situation posted earlier but my problem isn’t as bad because I don’t have to leave the Tablo app to fix it. Just wondered if there’s any insight on the subject.

Tablo app 1.01(25)
Firmware 2.2.10
AppleTV tvOS 10.00

I’ve asked the team to try and reproduce this. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Happens almost everyday. I’ll get it most of the time after I leave a live channel that buffered for a few minutes

Yeah that’s sort of what I’m seeing. Anytime the screen is off of live and I go back to the guide I get the error message. If I choose cancel it’ll go back. Otherwise it just keeps asking to retry.

Yes, has been a frequent occurrence with firmware 2.2.11 and 2.2.12.

Happens daily–usually when I cot back to the Tablo app after watching something else on AppleTV

i just started getting this last night. Is there a solution or a workaround that I missed here somewhere?

I get it everyday hope there is a fix.