Unknown Airing with guide

I have a duel tuner Tablo device. Lately I have been getting the “Unknown Airing” on ABC and CBS. These are channels that are on the lower spectrum of my channel guide. The funny thing is my computer Tablo app is functioning normal. In other words, no “Unknown Airing” errors on those channels. I tried to reset the channel guide but the channel guide on my TV still has the unknown airing problem. I use Tablo app on Nvidia shield for the TV. Help please! :anguished:

@reddace Try deleting and re-syncing to your Tablo from the Shield:

  • Disconnect from the Tablo
  • Select ‘Delete Tablo’ from the ‘Connect to Tablo screen’
  • Then ‘Connect’ again - let us know if the unknown airings are still there post-sync.

Thanks for the reply. I did what was suggested and unfortunately the problem still exists. Let me know if you have any other workarounds. Thanks.

Think I got it sorted out now. Besides doing what you recommended, I refreshed the guide within the Shied app and it took care of the problem. Thanks.

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