Undo the "leanback mode" or something like that


I was trying to fix a few issues I have with my Tablo’s recordings and what is displayed in the guide, etc.

I came across an entry that said (as memory serves): Enable TV Leanback mode (beta).

I wanted to know more and clicked on the line, but NOT in the checkbox. Now I have those stupid icons, and no way to navigate in the my.tablo web UI.

Edit: In case it matters, I’m using Google Chrome as a browser.

use the left arrow key on your keyboard to open the menu. you basically navigate using your keyboard:
arrow keys
enter key
space bar (to select / deselect check boxes)

Thanks! What the heck was that mode supposed to be? I assumed it was some sort of Browser glitch, because no-one would write a browser UI that only needs keyboard navigation, right?

It’s designed for people who use Home Theater PCs with remotes.

Ah right, I was just reading some older community threads. I guess it kinda “broke” in my browser, since some of the UI controls didn’t show up.