Unbelievable job by Gracenote

Out of the 4 stations I asked to be added TYESTERDAY 3 of them have data TODAY! Never seen it that fast. The missing station is 24.5 CIRCLE. Hopefully it doesn’t drag out 6 weeks like some have done in the past. I complain about had bad they are; so thought I would mention something good.


I’ve been waiting them out. Forgot what I had to do last time . I recently had CIRCLE added to my lineup - they added it quickly :surprised:. Now I have a new DABL. Some of the fun, I believe, the station swapped Weather Nation around a couple of times, they now have 13.1 - 13.7 but guess what - yup you guessed it titantv.com has it straightened out :yippee:

Now I have this…
but “they” are going to ask be to rescan… and I’ll do it and tell them it’s the same and a few days later I’ll still not have it updated - probably. Then they’ll forward something.

It’s not like I didn’t wait it out, and you can look at zap2it.com - a Gracenote supported listing, and see it’s not there. But I still have to do stuff before they’ll do anything. Even if I send the screen shots of my channel scan - showing what it’s currently scanned as. I don’t feel like going through any hassle, I think I feel like you did last round.