Unauthorized content on purple screen

I am using FireTV for everything but Tablo at the moment. I am using Roku 3 for Tablo. Ever since the last update if we change HDMI ports when I come back to Tablo (Roku 3) I get a purple screen that says unauthorized content when I try to play live TV or a recording. If I reboot the Roku or the Tablo it works again.

Sounds like a bad HDMI handshake between the Roku and the TV. Did you try swapping out the cable?

Yes this is Roku dependent, not specific to Tablo channel.

Yea, I used to get this all the time on one of my Rokus and it required a reboot. It has happened much less if at all with the latest update.

There is a thread on the Roku forums discussing this and they always say oh you need a new HDMI cable… Um, no, mine was a very nice cable and I switched them out and still had the issue.

Could also be a bad port on your TV … I had that with one of my HDTV so I just swapped the devices on a couple of the HDMI ports and the issue went away.

Thanks guys. I will try changing to a different input on the TV. I also have a very nice cable FISHED THROUGH THE WALL CAVITY that would be a PIA to change.