Unable to View live TV on two devices at once

Hello all,

Newbie cord cutter here, I just hooked up my Tablo yesterday and overall everything is working well. I have the two turner version hard wired into my router. 

Most everything is running smoothly but the one problem I am having is when I’m watching live on my Roku 2 and I try to start watching live on my Nexus 7 through the Tablo app the Roku will no longer play, it acts as though i’ve pressed the Back button on the Roku remote.

Any thoughts are suggestions are apprectiated.



You cannot use more than one tuner at a time if you don’t have a USB HDD attached to the Tablo. Have you set up the Hard Drive yet?

Nope, thanks for the quick answer!

I’ll have to set that up when I get home.

No problem - good luck!