Unable to tune local channel 28

My Tablo four (original version) with firmware 2.2.36 cannot tune a local digital station 28 that has 12 sub channels . I can tune the station with my TV sets and a Hauppauge tuner in a PC.

Anyone else seeing a similar problem in the Knoxville, TN area? Thanks.


The “-LD” on their call sign tells you it’s a low-power TV station. It’s probably going to be more problematic than other stations.

Beyond that, I can’t offer any special advice. It’s all the standard stuff for trying to get problematic stations to come in.

FYI the SNR is good and the reception shows 100% signal on my Sharp TV. Could it be that is too much strength for the Tablo? I do not have an antenna amplifier; only a distribution amplifier with a modest 3db gain per port.

You could remote the distribution amp and see what happens, or even try an attenuator if you think the signal is too strong.

CQ…CQ…CQ… Calling anyone in the Knoxville Tennessee area who can confirm inability to add channel 28 to the TV lineup of a Tablo Quad or similar vintage Tablo DVR.

If someone in the same vicinity have a newer model Tablo that can tune channel 28 please let me know as well.

If the Tablo folks want me to try a newer model with upgraded tuners I volunteer to be a hardware Beta Tester. Also if they have Beta software that could enable the older tuners to copy channel 28 I’m willing to try it as well.

It could very well be the case. Pointing the antenna slightly away from the towers or adding an attenuator could help to lock it in.

I tried attenuation in steps of 10-20-30-40-50 db and the station was never detected. This to me represents a problem with Tablo tuners hardware or software. I can only hope the Tablo Engineers will be willing to investigate or perhaps send me a different device or firmware

to beta test for them.

Hrm… It is possible that there’s a configuration error on the broadcaster’s side.

We have a small handful of reports of stations broadcasting in h264 instead of ATSC. Some TVs and tuners can handle this, but Tablo’s tuners specifically look for ATSC signals because that’s what is supposed to be delivered per broadcast standards.

Unfortunately since your Tablo can’t tune that channel, there isn’t a simple way for us to check this remotely.

Thanks for the kind response. This gives me some clues to follow up on.

Contacting the station directly might help although some are more responsive than others.