Unable to sync chrome tablo app on windows

My crome tablo app on Windows 7 is unable to connect to tablo. I removed all browser data and tablo related cookies, and it gets stuck on syncing. For a few minutes, different show posters are circling, but after that, I can only see syncing with rotating blue circle. My linux computer with the same chrome version has no problems. Both computers are connected to tablo via ethernet through a switch, and there are no problems with networking (pinging, direct port access all work).

I finally managed to connect using incognito mode, which leads me to believe there might be broken cookies that are not showing under “tablo” search and are not deleted when clicking on “x” while on the “connect to tablo” screen, nor when I manually delete chrome local data. Any hints on what I should delete - I am not prepared to loose all my cookies that allow me to access various other sites, especially as they are synced between multiple different chrome instances?

I was too quick in assuming above. I can access tv shows and prime time sections, but the recording section shows rotating blue circle and never displays.

It may help to delete your Tablo on your computer and then re-add it.


  1. Go to the Menu bar
  2. Click on Disconnect (bottom choice)
  3. Click on the red “X” on the right side of the blue box to delete the Tablo
  4. Connect to your Tablo

This will force a full sync.

@snowcat: This is exactly what I did, multiple times. I also removed the local data and tablo cookies in the browser. It always gets stuck on syncing.

Looks like the only fix would be to delete all the browsing data in Chrome and starting fresh. The database saved to your Chrome may be corrupt for one reason or another.

@Tomislav - Good suggestions from @theuser86 but send us a note and we can give you a hand: http://bit.ly/1w8BrBw