Unable to setup after moving

Hi All,
We recently moved from Chicago IL area to Charlotte, NC area. We are currently in an apartment. I have tried to setup my Tablo service here (via ROKU) and have been unsuccessful. The service worked great in our previous location (60417).
I have been able to access the setup screen on the TV and the Tablo is connected to the WIFI network, but I only have the guide channels from our previous location. I cannot find the option to scan for new available channels.

Use a web browser to access the Tablo at my.tablotv.com. I don’t think the Roku gives you access to the settings page.

You cannot configure the Tablo from a Roku.

Use an iPad, or a computer in the Chrome browser.

Yes, sorry but I was using the my.tablotv.com for the configuration. I could not get to the point where I choose my location.

@chadzeilenga - You’ll want to edit your location and then your channel lineup:

Edit your ‘location’ to your new zip code, then edit your channel lineup by running a new channel scan and hit add to guide.

The instructions are similar for updating your time zone:

I’m not able to get to the channel lineup. I’ll walk through process again tonight and see if I can make some progress. If I run into an issue I’ll get a screen shot of it.

@chadzeilenga - Very weird. Are you using Chrome as your browser? Give us a shout if you do get stuck!

I was able to take a look at the Tablo tonight.

When I sign into the web app, I go to settings and then at the bottom I get the option for edit location. I think the issue before was that the Tablo was off for a month and it was trying to sync when I would log in.

Either way, I updated the area code and began the scan. It started finding channels and there were some with decent strength, but periodically it would say “Connecting… The app can’t bring up your settings just yet – it’s still connecting to your Tablo in the background. It won’t be much longer” and then it would go back to scanning for channels.

When the scan finished i had a list of channels with 5 green dots, but after selecting them, the “add to guide” was grayed out.

I rescanned and the add to guide button is not working.

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My Tablo is doing the exact same thing - I can run a channel scan, but the add to guide button remains greyed out. Chrome browser.

@Mark_Evinger Did you ever manage to run a channel scan? It not, give us a call: 1-844-TABLOTV (822-5688) or send us a note here. We can get things up and running for you.

I did get the channel scan to complete - had to use Internet Explorer 11. Weirdly; once I was on IE11 it also picked up channels 7 and 11 for Chicago.

The main issue now is although the channel scanned the correct call signs for all the 66.1-66.5 channels; the guide is incorrect. The channel scan shows right values, I can click the Add to Tablo button but live guide data is off by one in Web, Roku and AppleTV apps.

Did you mean to say ‘off by one hour’? And it’s just those particular channels, right? Not all channels?

If that’s the case, drop us a line and we can work on getting that corrected for you.