Unable to save channels

I’m using a Tablo 4th generation with firmware 2.2.47 and the Tablo app version 1.1. After I do a rescan for channels, the new list of channels isn’t saved after pressing the save button.

After the scan, are you selecting Save & Continue from the left side, or using the back error and clicking Save & Exit? Or is this occurring no matter which way you’ve tried? Is there a check mark next to EVERY channel you’d like to keep?

Another thing if you haven’t tried it already, on your viewing app, have you tried to force quit and clear the cache or data?

The very first time I did a channel scan, I found 75 channels. Now, when I do a channel scan, I’m finding 129 channels. But, I am not able to save. It stays at 75 channels. This happens on all my devices. I have cleared cache and data and force quit. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. All the channels have a check mark next to them. After completing the scan, there are only 2 options available. Either rescan or save. I press save, but the channels aren’t saved.

On my latest channel scan everything is working fine now. I am able to save all the channels.

That’s awesome to hear. Thanks for the update!

Logged in to say: Same issue. Tried it 4 times without success.

Firmware 2.2.48

Scan, 103 channels found. in the list 10.1 (fox WALA) is selected, but 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 10.5, 10.6 are not.

The previous scan and save told me 76 stations saved from the 103 found.

Scroll to those stations and select (which should add 5 more to the list), and then [Save and Continue].

(…please wait, your selections are being saved).

Damn. 81 channels. it saved it this time.

WILD ASSED GUESS: because I was going slower to document the issue and type in this thread, it could be the the save actually happened because it didn’t try to interrupt a process / thread that was not yet complete.

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