Unable to Reset Account Password

My trial period for the guide has expired and I was going to login to my account to purchase a subscription. When I tried to log in it said my login and password we’re incorrect. I thought I fat fingered the password and I know my login was correct so I tried again a couple times. Still no luck. Thought maybe I didn’t create an account so I tried to create one and I was told my email already existed. Ok. I DID create an account. So I must have written down my password wrong. I went to reset my password and I never received the reset token in my email after multiple attempts.

I contacted tech support yesterday and after submitting my ticket I received the confirmation in my email. So it would seem my email doesn’t block Tablotv.com emails.

All I want to do is register so I can get the guide and I don’t want to create another account to be able to do that.

At this point does anyone have any idea what I can do?

Thank you.

Wait to hear from support. They will sort it out I’m sure.

Were you able to get this sorted out?

I was able to register again and everything worked great. Thanks TabloSupport. We are good to go.

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